L.I.M.B. / interior repurposes elements from the monoprint series to create a pattern and decorate an interior space. The series L.I.M.B. (live in my bag) are prints of coveted objects that are carried daily.  I am drawn to understanding how an object’s importance is shaped by marketing and branding.  This affects what we take with us everyday and allows these commonly recognized objects to become cultural symbols. The spaces we inhabit provide another area where objects reflect character.

With this in mind, I work with objects that are distinguishable even as a two-dimensional silhouette.  I cut mylar into silhouettes of objects such as sunglasses, hair dryers, lipsticks and bobby pins to make layered piles.  I dissected these piles to make a patterned version of L.I.M.B.  In an installation context, I play with composition through repetition and scale in relation to the dimentions of a particular room.  People interact with these objects on a constant basis.   L.I.M.B. / interior creates an opportunity to reexamine these items that float around our lives.